Monday, 3 December 2007


Great model, good mix of quick then longer poses. Can you tell I was having fun?


Charles said...

where do you do the life drawing and how much does it cost? can you just go when you like?

Mark Montague said...

Luuuurvely life drawings.

The way you have drawn so many pictures on the same piece of paper, makes it look like they are key frames from an animation.

Or perhaps it is?

Jeroen said...

lovely stuff, you use sepia pencil, or just scanned it that colour?.
The first drawing on the second page .... must be a model's favourite pose.

Bentos said...

Heh heh, yep, going to get that pose at some point every time.

Normal pencil, just scanned it in colour rather than greyscale. I really liked drawing on A3 rather than the A4 sketchbook. Looks more 'arty' to have them all overlapping and stuff.

Mick said...

get in fella. Now that's what yer talking aboutvn

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I think its better if have a color but I appreciate your drawings.