Thursday, 20 September 2007

Odd Shaped Balls

Finally, a slot I designed has gone live, a week and a half after I leave the company. WOOP!
And it's probably my favourite too. Hope people like it, it was a lot of fun to make.


Leighton Johns said...

Great stuff - particularly the 'mop top hair shop' welshies, and the bouncing sheep as the crowd go wild. Good luck with the new job.

Mark Montague said...

Great work Andrew. Awesome characters!

Doing a slot machine based on rugby, must have been like a busman's holiday for you.

Jeroen said...

same counts for you Mark, having to draw tits all day.

Bentos said...

'twas most enjoyable I admit/

Though probably not as enjoyable as drawing tits all day, which I've ben known to do!

Mark Montague said...

Well, I won't be drawing tits all day anymore, as I will now be modelling them instead.

I have now moved further into to the dark side of the 3D world and I am now a PS3 modeller.