Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Gaz N Skilling vs Temple Walkabout

Me and all my school mates are 30 this year and Gaz (cricket fan) and Skilling (football fan) are celebrating theirs at the Temple Walkabout next month. Pip, Gaz's long suffering girlfriend, asked me to design an invite.


Mark Montague said...


Great picture. I can't wait to see the picture for your birthday party.

Wow, so you are still only 29, and you've done so much already. Keep up the excellent work.

Bentos said...

Now I know you're taking the piss Mark, the only thing I've actually achieved in my career is being able to pay the bills, though that is something I'm actually quite proud of.

Otherwise my achievements column is empty.

Have a good Xmas and that, wanna mosey down to Greenwich for my birthday in Feb?