Monday, 11 February 2008

Kelly Brook Trampoline Game

You got to pop her ballons without, ahem, popping her balloons.


Mark Montague said...

Ha ha! Nice balloons.

Brilliant picture.

Is the game idea based on those KP nut holders you see hanging up in pubs with a page 3 lovely behind them?

I would do a Kelly Brook vs Denise Van Outen picture, but as I work with 4 women, they would give me a hard time about it.

All the stuff I do on my blog, I do during the remainder of my lunch break.

I try to portray to my female work colleagues them, that I am a modern, sensitive guy in touch with my feelings. It's all bullshit as you know, but I have to keep up appearances.

Now hurry up and make the trampoline game.

Bentos said...

That, Mark, is a total cop-out.