Friday, 1 February 2008

Cometh the hour..Official RBS 6 Nations Drop Kick Game

Becoming something of a speciality it seems, rugby games. Thanks to some fantastic work by the other designers and developers and a bit of courage and belief by the people writing the cheques the game has turned out uncannily similar to what I woke up thinking about at 5 O'clock in the morning the day after I was first given the brief. In practically all cases where things have changed they have done so for the better.
Couldn't be more chuffed.
If you can figure out how to catch the ball without being given a hint then you're doing well. If you can get anywhere near the top of the leaderboard then you're a far better man than I. I've never been good at games I've worked on but some of these guys, Welsh mainly it seems, are posting scores that we never thought would be feasable.
Good luck!


Jeroen said...

Jeroen ...... zero points.
But at least I managed to grab the ball and kick.
Nice design work!
So what's next on the list of jobs you actually like.....Kelly Brook doing trampoline jumps?

Leighton Johns said...

Great design, great characters, the only problem is after several failed attempts I now want to beat the shit out of my screen! I think I'll do better at the Kelly Brook trampoline game. Bring it on!

Bentos said...

A learning curve was something we wanted to put in right from the start, it's not a easy game and that's a good thing. Increases stickability.

I'll pitch the Kelly Brook trampoline game to my boss, I'm strangely optimistic!

Mark Montague said...

Great little game Andrew.

Really nice design and style.

I would like to see a Kelly Brook vs Denise van Outen mud wrestling game.

Bentos said...

Dude, I'd like to see your drawing of a Kelly Brook vs Denise Van Outen mud wrestling game.

Brian Sibley said...

Forgive my mentioning it, but you certainly know how to draw a neat pair of buns! :-)

Bentos said...

I do some mean melons too.

Basically anything in pairs.

Brian Sibley said...

Melons in shorts... Hmmm... Maybe not quite the same gay appeal, but no doubt equally fruity! ;-)

Bentos said...

How about in round-the-shoulder-boulder-holders?

Brian Sibley said...

Very angelic (and great art work by the way) but as a confirmed gay, I think I'll stick with your rugby lads!