Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Lifedrawing 02/07/07

Longer poses, 20-25 minutes, which means in practice more time to mess up a decent line drawing with over-shading.


Anonymous said...

Particularly like the face on lying down one.

Mark Montague said...

Great pictures Andrew.

I really like the shading.

I like the longer poses, I find doing lots of 5 min and 10 min poses for 2 hours is hard work after a long day rushing about at work.

Jeroen said...

i like the shading. works really well. when's the next one?

Bentos said...

Like you don't know. Managed to get Ant coming along too so no excuses.

Jeroen said...

ok, but when? (honestly don't know)

Jez Hall said...

Really nice drawings Andrew.
Dont worry about your birthday, bits dont start dropping off until you're my age.

Jay D Smith said...

soon, i got to sort out getiing my stuff back to the uk first, which will take a while, plus but start looking out for a new job! but i'm sure we'll meet up soon enough!

have good one!