Monday, 18 June 2007

Meet Rick

Meet Rick

Rick was part of one of my very first forays into both freelancing and dealing with the client directly


Mark Montague said...

Great picture Andrew.

Great pose too.

It is ashame that people that employ you to do a job, can't let you get on with the art side while they get on with the business side of things.

Bentos said...

The Client - Creative relationship is fraught with problems. They were being finickety and I was being childish.

In the end it's all about trust, if you trust each other then you can get somewhere.

When you nect down in London dude?

Jeroen said...

very nice sketch. I like the way he is holding his mobile. I'm animating a woman with tiny hands, holding a mobile at the mo ... and I'm really struggling with the fingers. My hands are just too bloody big as reference.