Wednesday, 20 December 2006

More girlies

More girlies dancing from the same project:
and stills from the Flash anim:

Nice beer last night with the old LAS crew. A little depressing about the state of the industry here, and animators can and do moan to Olympic standard but still had fun.
Mark, where were you?


Jeroen Jaspaert said...

I thought we kept the moan level to quite a minimum this time.
I just had a bacon roll so I'm all perked up again, cause waking up was slightly tricky.
Nice drawings by the way. You see, when you can spend your days, drawing sexy girls doing unholy dance movements, you can't possibly complain about the industry, hey :)

Bentos said...

Great, positive end of year message from Aaron at CHF:

"I've got nothing against sketching a little here and there, but try to remember the last time you saw a horse on the freeway?"

Roland Mechael said...

niice sketches!

Mark Montague said...

The animation industry has always been feckled work-wise, either feast or famine, that is why I ran to the sanctuary and saftey of a warm games studio.

I love your sexy dancing girls great design and wonderful movement. Great interaction between the 2 girls.

It was unavoidable that I missed this years reunion but I promise I won't miss next years. Also we could still all meet up early in the New Year.

Mark Montague said...

Oh I am soooo sorry. I mean't, 'fickled'.