Thursday, 25 September 2008


So the desks at Google have a CD case with your name and job title printed on the sleeve. So far so whatever. Unfortunately it is in the hated COMIC SANS!

So I thought, well that's rubbish, and I'd been playing with the idea of turning my job title (Visualiser, check it out!) into a type of X-Men superhero for a while, et voilá: THE VISUALISER!!

Regular readers may recognise an early incarnation if the Ice-Man.

Other people thought it was a good idea and I ended up doing a few more. Here they are:


davidbent said...

Hey, Visualiser, don't you know what happens to superheroes with capes? Alos, since when is blasting something with a laser 'visualing'?

Bentos said...

Something wrong with you keyboard dude?

In the picture I'm 'VISUALISING'. You can't see what I'm visualising because you're not a visualiser.

Mark Montague said...

I always knew you had super powers.