Thursday, 30 November 2006

Listening to the cricket

Done for the Skwigly Animation Sketch competition: Theme: "I should really get some sleep”

just before Strauss needlessly gave his wicket away.



Mark Montague said...

Great cartoon, great composition.

The cricket fan is definitely a better breed and erudite person than the footie fan.

Note the glass of wine on the floor, as opposed to the can of lager.

Bentos said...

551 for 6 declared.

Holy Moly!

Of course all that means diddly squat unless we plough through the convicts upper order early tomorrow morning.

Not decided whether I'll be listening or not yet.

Bentos said...

Actually the composition, not normally my strong point, came out pretty well.

Weird what you can do in a tired, fairly drunk, 10 minute scribble at 2 o'clock in the morning huh?

Elliot said...

nice cartoon dude.

Bentos said...